Rokkenmichi 5th Shopping Street

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Street Festival

In Shin-Nagata south district shopping street, the street festival has been held in July every year. There are a lot of games that children living in the neighborhood to enjoy. Even for adults, there are a lot of old-fashioned games to remind their old days. A lot of people are coming every year with their family. Both adults and kids enjoy together.

Rokkenmichi“The Record of Three Kingdoms”Festival

Shin-Nagata area is known as hometown of Mr.Mitsuteru Yokoyama, cartoonist, who is the author of "Tetsujin 28 go / Iron Man No.28" and "Sangokushi / The Record of Three Kingdoms". At Shin-Nagata south district, we are executing economic development projects that incorporates with Chinese histrical epic “The Record of Three Kingdoms”, as a motif and drawed by Mr.Yokoyama.As a part of these effort,”The Record of Three Kingdoms Festival” has been grandly held every year. Rokkenmichi 5 Chome shopping street contributing to boost the town through the Rokkenmichi “The Record of Three Kingdoms Festival” as well. “The Record of Three Kingdoms” and Chinese culture related show, the open booth, games corner, “The Record of Three Kingdoms warlord Narikiri (acting like a worlord) company, Rokkenmichism Narikiri company ” dressed up by shop owners and volunteers as “The Record of Three Kingdoms” warlord enliven the festival.Nagata soul food Sobameshi free tasting and stamp rally are very popular for annual event. “The Record of Three Kingdoms” fans coming from all over the country as well, even those who do not yet know “The Record of Three Kingdoms” enjoy the event.

The Record of Three Kingdoms Narikiri Sunday and Komagabayashi Detatoko (it depends how things go) flea market

"Komagabayashi Detatoko Flea Market & The Record of Three Kingdoms Narikiri Sunday" which is held on the last Sunday of each month established as an event of the Rokkenmichi and always bustling.You have chance to meet with the military commander who fully costumed and acting “The Record of Three Kingdoms”. In the flea market, you might find a treasure can not be found only here.

Rokkenmichi Shopping Street Table Tennis Event

In Rokkenmichi the town of“The Record of Three Kingdoms”,“we”regardless of age and gender started this event to enjoy table tennis which is a national sport of China together.Place a table in the middle of the shopping street. People passing through the street, stop and cheer the game. Each time, the participants who are engaged in a exciting game.Doubles game will be hot battle by the experienced players. Single game is a fun table tennis events that play against “The Record of Three Kingdoms Narikiri Coompany”. Free of charge. Luxury prizes are also prepared.Anyone are available to participate. Please come and challenge to “The Record of Three Kingdoms Narikiri Company”.